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Australian & New Zealand Virtual Private Servers

Ransom IT offers Virtual Private Server services based in Sydney New South Wales, Melbourne Victoria, Adelaide South Australia or Auckland New Zealand data centre facilities. All facilities provide secure temperature controlled environments with redundant data feeds via independent upstream providers and uninterruptible power systems. We utilise enterprise level hardware with Intel Xeon® or AMD Opteron® processors and redundant disk arrays for maximum performance and reliability. Our Australian locations are all with independent providers on different autonomous system networks with our New Zealand presence sharing the same quality upstream network as our Sydney services.

We offer both managed and unmanaged VPS services. For managed services please contact us for a customised quote based on your requirements. We can include monitoring, initial deployment and configuration, cPanel licenses, offsite backups, and comprehensive support for your service. We also offer whitelabel reseller packages for your hosting business.


Australian and New Zealand KVM VPS Plans

To order a service please click on the city name where you would like your VPS deployed.

Name Platform Location RAM Disk CPU Cores Data * Price
KVM1GB KVM Sydney/Adelaide/Melbourne 1 GB 20 GB 2 300 GB $10 p/month (paid quarterly)
NZKVM1GB KVM Auckland 1 GB 20 GB 2 300 GB $12 p/month (paid quarterly)
KVM2GB KVM Sydney/Adelaide/Melbourne 2 GB 30 GB 2 500 GB $20 p/month
NZKVM2GB KVM Auckland 2 GB 30 GB 2 500 GB $24 p/month
KVM4GB KVM Sydney/Adelaide/Melbourne 4 GB 50 GB 4 1000 GB $50 p/month
NZKVM4GB KVM Auckland 4 GB 50 GB 4 1000 GB $60 p/month
KVM8GB KVM Sydney/Adelaide/Melbourne 8 GB 100 GB 4 1500 GB $95 p/month
NZKVM8GB KVM Auckland 8 GB 100 GB 4 1500 GB $114 p/month

Standard Features: Unmanaged VPS Plans

  • Plans can be upgraded at any time by submitting a support ticket.
  • Standard services come by default with 1 IPv4 address and 10 IPv6 addresses.
  • Each Australian location is hosted on separate AS networks for maximum reliability.

Can't find a suitable package? Want a custom plan?

At Ransom IT we understand that many businesses have special requirements. If you have specific hosting requirements or would like a quote for a managed VPS please contact us for assistance. We have a mix of hardware and can offer specialised solutions with unusual requirements, SSD storage, HDD storage, higher bandwidth, more IP addresses, or other customisations.

About unmanaged VPS services

With unmanaged services you are expected to take care of software updates and security maintenance yourself. This is the best option for experienced Linux system administrators who can take care of everything themselves. We are still available for support but if the issue is found to be with your specific configuration we will be unable to assist you further. You are expected to either run your own backups as unmanaged services do not include any backup features.

About managed VPS services

With managed services we take care of software updates, configuring the initial firewall, ongoing security maintenance and we will provide more comprehensive support for system administration and technical issues. We will also backup your VPS to a separate physical system if desired. You can consider Ransom IT as your partner for system administration with these plans. Contact us for a quote on a managed VPS plan.


Prices shown in AUD and are inclusive of GST.

Managed Linux VPS plans are offered with CentOS or Scientific Linux only.
* Inbound and outbound counted equally. By default if the data limit is reached the VPS is shut down. If you need your VPS to stay online and have not purchased an adequate data plan then excess data is charged at $5 including GST per 100 GB. Alternate arrangements are possible if arranged in advance. It is strongly recommended to negotiate your customised bandwidth plan for the best rate if you expect to regularly exceed the bandwidth limits included with each plan.

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact us.