Ransom IT announces affordable Sydney based dedicated servers

Ransom IT is proud to announce a step into the dedicated server market with immediate availability of servers hosted in Sydney Equinix SY3 on the same quality network (AS45177) as our Sydney VPS services.

To read more about our dedicated server offers click here, or to proceed to view stock/availability and ordering click here.

If you have any questions about our dedicated server offerings please feel free to contact us.

Ransom IT announces Auckland, New Zealand Expansion for KVM VPS Services

Ransom IT expands into Auckland, New Zealand

Ransom IT is proud to announce an expansion into Auckland, New Zealand. We are now offering the same competitive range of KVM VPS plans available in Australia from our Auckland POP on the Vibe Communications network (AS45177). Our equipment is housed in an Auckland CBD (Queen Street) datacentre facility which will provide excellent latency into New Zealand and Pacific networks for local customers as well as a stable presence for international customers requiring a presence in New Zealand.

To view our new range of VPS plans please visit our VPS plans page here.

If you have any questions about our services or locations please feel free to contact us.

Sydney network upgrade, Melbourne expansion and simplified range of plans

Sydney Network Upgrade

This has been an exciting month at Ransom IT. We have improved our Sydney services substantially by moving our equipment to the Vibe Communications network (AS45177). As a result network latency, performance and reliability will be substantially improved over our old upstream provider which will result in superior service for all customers in this location. Our Sydney Looking Glass can be used to test latency and network routes to and from the new network. Some benefits/highlights included are:

  • Direct connectivity in CoreSite at San Jose, resulting in improved latency to many US based networks
  • Direct connectivity in the London Internet Exchange (LINX) resulting in much reduced latency to European locations
  • Direct connectivity to the Auckland Peering Exchange resulting in improved connectivity to New Zealand based customers
  • Improved handling and reporting of DDoS incidents thanks to our providers in-house NSFOCUS powered mitigation platform
  • Improved network throughput and reliability to all locations thanks to a less congested and more reliable upstream network

Melbourne Expansion for OpenVZ services

A presence has been established in Melbourne for OpenVZ services only at this stage. Our Melbourne Looking Glass can be used to test routes to and from the new network.

Simplified KVM Plan Structure

To simplify services our KVM plans have been merged and we are now offering the same competitive KVM VPS plans in both Adelaide and Sydney.

To view our new range of VPS plans please visit our VPS plans page here.

If you have any questions about our services or locations please feel free to contact us.

Bandwidth upgrades for Sydney KVM services

Bandwidth allocations for all standard Sydney based plans have been upgraded. The table below shows the new allocations available immediately with all KVM plans in Sydney. Existing customers have had their plans upgraded automatically.

Plan Name Old Allocation New Allocation
Rams Head 100 GB 250 GB
Twynam 250 GB 500 GB
Townsend 400 GB 750 GB
Kosciuszko 600 GB 1000 GB

For further information or to access the ordering system view the full specifications for our Sydney based KVM VPS plans here.

KVM Plans available with SSD backed storage

For customers requiring higher IO performance our KVM plans (except the smallest one) are now available with SSD storage. We are utilising Intel 520 series SSDs in hardware RAID for optimum performance and reliability. Price points for the plans remain the same however if you opt for an SSD plan the storage allocation is reduced due to the higher price of the storage hardware.

All our VPS plans are listed here.

Debian 7 and CentOS 6.4 ISOs added for KVM customers

We've recently added ISOs for Debian 7 and CentOS 6.4 for our KVM customers. These are available to use now.

Ubuntu 13.04 Server ISOs added for KVM VPS Customers

The latest 32 and 64bit Ubuntu 13.04 Server ISOs are now available for use by our KVM VPS customers. If you encounter any issues with these ISOs please open a support ticket.

New CentOS 6.4 KVM templates added

We've just added two new CentOS templates for our KVM VPS customers. Both are minimal templates for CentOS 6.4 with a 32 bit and a 64 bit variant available for use.

Congratulations to Quisk Design - an addition to their trophy shelf

Quisk Design

We'd like to congratulate the team at Quisk Design for placing first in the 2013 Asia Pacific Region Business Excellence Award in the category of Most Community Impact. This award was in recognition of the annual 'Big Picture - The Give Back Initiative'.

We're proud to have Quisk as one of our business partners and feel that their professional work and all-round great approach to business will mean they continue to thrive well into 2013 and the future.

Congratulations to Jason and Kerryn and the rest of the team at Quisk! Well deserved!

Fedora 18 ISOs added

Fedora 18 ISOs added for KVM VPS users  (28/01/2013)

We've made ISOs available for the new Fedora 18 operating system. Both 32 bit and 64 bit versions are available.

These templates can be used with any KVM VPS installation with a minimum of 1GB of memory assigned.


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