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Terms of Service

We might make changes to this without prior warning, though we'll do our best to notify you in advance.

By signing up and paying for our services you agree to our terms of service.

  1. IRC clients are permitted, IRC daemons are permitted for private or small linked networks.
  2. TOR exit nodes are not permitted on our services.
  3. Game servers are permitted in all locations except Adelaide.
  4. If you go over your data allocations your service will be suspended till you either upgrade plans or pay for excess usage unless specific negotiations have been made to keep your service online.
  5. We take no liability in case of data loss.
  6. If you are found to be running programs including port scanners and other potentially malicious tools you will be asked to suspend such activity. If you do not comply with these requests your account will be suspended.
  7. Sending spam is not permitted.
  8. Transactional emails relating to hosted applications and general services are perfectly acceptable but email marketing applications are not permitted. This includes specialised applications for sending personalised messages to opt-in mailing lists.
  9. No content which infringes on copyright may be hosted or distributed via our services.
  10. No pornographic material or material which contravenes Australian law may be hosted or distributed via our services.
  11. Late payments will result in a service suspension.
  12. Cancellation requests must be made via our billing panel or be sent from the registered account email address - you will receive a notification of receipt within 48 hours.

Notice regarding security and unmanaged services

If you have an unmanaged VPS service with us you are responsible for the security of your server. If we receive complaints about spam, malware, or other issues that are damaging to us or our upstream service provider we will investigate the report independently and if found to be valid we will take one of two steps:

  1. If the issue is serious and negatively impacting other customers or our network (for example if your VPS is clearly sending spam on an ongoing basis) then your service will be shut down and you will be notified by email. Upon acknowledgement of the notification your service will be restarted so you can fix whatever issue has caused the security breach or misconfiguration issue that has led to the problem.
  2. If the issue is not causing significant and direct problems you will be notified and asked to look into the issues as soon as possible. If we do not receive acknowledgement from you within 48 hours your service may be temporarily suspended until such time as you respond and verify that you will look into the reported problem.

To ensure you receive important notifications we request that you use an account email address independent of your VPS hosted with us.